Union County Gun Club, Blairsville, Georgia

Union County Gun Club, Blairsville, Georgia


Here is a recap of on-going developments with our goal to have a Union County Gun Range:

  • The US Forest Service (USFS) has agreed to lease the proposed Highway 180 Gun Range-site property to the Union County Government for the use as a gun range---with caveats (that is, proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations).
      • The most important of these provisos is that the USFS is requiring that a site-plan be drawn up that they can endorse and approve of.
      • The Union County Government hired an Engineering Firm out of Atlanta to complete this task.  This Engineering firm has many successful Georgia Gun Range Site-Plans under their belt and their plans have been approved by the USFS and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in the past---so, it should be a good choice.
  • About a month ago, the Engineering Firm out of Atlanta was about 50% complete with their site-plan mandate.  At that time, the DNR was approached in a 10+page letter by an individual living on top of Jonas mountain.
    • Keep in mind that Jonas mountain is a mile away from our proposed Gun Range site.
    • This individual presented allegation that the sound-study performed by Nutter and Associates about a year ago was done improperly and therefore invalid.
    • He threatened to go to court if the sound-study was not retested by an independent Sound Study team.
  • Lawyers for DNR suggested that the Site-Plan task be suspended until this sound-issue could be addressed and resolved.  Keep in mind, that the Site-Plan engineers are working “time and expense”---meaning that the government purse-string holders did not want to continue spending money on this site-plan development if something was going to change the outcome. 
  • DNR has hired (at their expense) an independent Sound professional group out of Gainesville, Florida to assess Nutter and Associates’ original findings and create a new sound-test with sound recording instruments.  We are hoping that this will be completed by the end of September.
  • The Union County Gun Club board members are keenly-focused on monitoring this situation as it unfolds.  Our hopes are…that after a positive sound test results…we will be back on track and moving forward.  We will keep you apprised of the situations as they arise.
    Thanks for your patience.
    Paul Clark (President of Union County Gun Club)

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Over 200 members at the March 10, 2020 Annual Meeting
2020 Annual Meeting

December 18, 2019 North Georgia News front page.

Forest Service Letter

>> If you are a Charter Member, your dues for 2020 are $35.00. <<
Mail to: Union County Gun Club
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ARTICLE IV – DUES - Annual dues will be determined by the Board. They will be due on Jan. 1st of each year and considered past due on March 31 st of that year. Dues will not be pro-rated for partial year membership. Members with past due dues may not participate in club meetings or use the facilities of the club. Charter members who fail to pay their dues by March 31 st shall lose their Charter Membership status even if they catch up with past due payments.

To read details about dues, read the Club By-Laws.

The location for our proposed range is on GA Hwy.180, 5 miles from US Hwy.129, between the mile markers 18 and 19, across from Forest Service Rd.292.

We are an NRA & GSSA Club Affiliate

If you are wanting to be a member, knowing that at this time we are a club without a range, but we are getting closer to our goal, see details below.
Dues for membership at this time are $70.00, plus a one time $100.00 application fee.
To become a member of the Union County Gun Club, print out the application and mail it to
Union County Gun Club
P.O. Box 442
Blairsville, GA 30514

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Club Caps and Visors are available for a donation of $20.00
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How did we get where we are now, read the articles published in the North Georgia News.

US Forestry News about the proposed Target Range Project

Sound Test Results

Area map and target range layout          Project Timeline


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