Union County Gun Club, Blairsville, Georgia

Union County Gun Club, Blairsville, Georgia founded in 2017

Sound Test and Results

This favorable assessment then provided the go-ahead for live-fire assessments to be monitored by Nutter & Associates. Nutter & Associates, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm that provides a broad range of integrated services working to ensure that the most up-to-date and comprehensive scientific methods are used while addressing Clients' priorities for environmental and land management.

For this live-fire shoot, UCGC board-members along with the Sheriff’s department personnel provided the diverse firearms and shooters.  Nutter & Associates provided their own personnel to monitor, record and direct the live-fire shoot.

The Second Live-Fire Test was held on Tuesday December 11th

Since then, we received unofficial word that some local home-owners did their own live-fire tests and submitted a letter to the US Forest Service indicating that in their tests, they were pleased to announce that they were not bothered by the noise generated by their own live-fire tests and were withdrawing their complaint-issues.  This letter is also located on the US Forest Service web site for anyone to review.

During the time after the second live-fire tests, the Government experienced a partial shut-down that affected the US Forest Service and their consultants and so for a month, no action was taken on finishing the “Official” Final sound-study report by anyone in the US Forest Service nor their contractors.

So, as of today (March 7, 2019), we are still waiting for the “Official” Sound-Study results from either Nutter & Associates or the US Forest Service.